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NEW PORK - EP "Enymls" (digital re-edition via Hoggorm Music) is out. Digital version only. Distribution via most popular music pages.
New Pork was Death/Crust/Groove band from Czech republic existed 2010 -2012. Four guys played few concerts only wearing the masks. Music was partly meant to be funny and lyrics are about animals and their funny issues. New Pork self-released physical copies of EP "Enymls" (Animals) back in 2011 and now in 2019 is this EP released digitally via Hoggormmusic.


You can order your Robotized -Timehookers Scumjob digipack copy on Epidemie Records.

Epidemie records is the only worldwide distributor of this  album. Limited edition 200 pcs only ! Special booklet. 

Crossover gothic metallers LIVEEVIL will release their new album with HoggormMusic.



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